Chad Parizman

I grew up watching a lot of TV. He-Man, GI Joe and Batman ‘66 reruns are some of my earliest TV memories. I was there for the start of the Disney afternoon and then Fox’s Animaniacs and Batman The Animated Series. We moved to the suburbs and got cable TV, with its dozens of channels. Nick at Nite introduced me to the TV of my parents generation. Quantum Leap was the first show I begged to stay up late to watch on a weeknight while my mom played Mahjongg with her friends. Together we watched the Saturday evening syndication shows – ST:TNG, Xena and Highlander. Lost was the first show I binge watched with my wife, catching up on two seasons worth mysteries the month before season three started. I thought those 44 episodes in a month was a lot…until I watched all 75 of the Battlestar Galactica reboot over three weeks. These days my Tivo, yes I still watch live TV or time shifted on a DVR, rarely drops below 50% filled.
Like I said, A LOT of TV.
I was lucky enough to start working in the TV industry when I joined the cable division of EW Scripps back in 2005. Since then I’ve seen a company split, a few channel name changes, a public battle with an MVPD and the acquisition of Travel Channel. I started in Research & Analytics running Omniture in the early days of web analytics, back when Flash was a thing and measuring it was really hard. I did a stint with an internal business development team, intrepreneurship when it was just starting to become a buzzword. Then Facebook opened up for more than just college students, Twitter launched, local-mobile apps became the rage, Pinterest grew beyond scrap bookers, and a dozen TV check-in apps all folded. Somewhere along the line I found myself working in this weird Social TV space that continues to morph and evolved everyday.
Loaded with a bunch of connected devices, an IPad full of apps, and a phone that’s used more for everything but talking, I continue to explore the intersection of TV, social, mobile, web.